Have you been injured because of your use of a drug or other product?

Despite the safeguards in place, people are injured by products and medications on a regular basis. Many of these products have undergone less-than-thorough evaluations and in some cases, the manufacturers of these products know there is a risk, but provide no warning or information to medical professionals or consumers. These products can cause life-changing injuries and illnesses, and someone deserves to be held responsible.

If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous drug or product, you have a right to take legal action. Michael Hodges can help. He has worked with people throughout Lenexa, Kansas who have faced life-altering injures and other consequences after using a defective or dangerous product. He understands the challenges faced by consumers who have been exposed to risk and he can help you build a strong case against the manufacturers of these products. Over the years he has built a network of resources that can help you win your case.

For more information or to schedule a consultation regarding your injuries or other complications related to your use of a drug or product, contact Michael at 913.708.8408 or by email at mikehodges@hodgeslawfirm.com.