We trust doctors to care for us when we needed it most. Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong and mistakes are made. When this occurs and you are injured, you have a right to take legal action.

Medical malpractice happens every day. It can change your life forever and the last thing you need is to be faced with endless medical bills in the midst of your recovery. If a doctor or other medical professional makes a mistake, you are entitled to compensation. Michael Hodges can help.

Michael has worked with clients injured during medical treatment. He understands how difficult it can be to take legal action against the medical community, and he works hard to ensure injured patients are treated fairly and with respect. Proving medical malpractice can be a challenge, but Michael has the resources and experience needed to build your strongest case. Nobody should be forced to suffer – physically, emotionally, or financially – because of a mistake made by a doctor other medical professional.

If you have been injured during a medical procedure in Lenexa, Kansas, or anywhere in the area and you need the support and guidance of an experienced medical malpractice attorney, contact Michael Hodges at 913.708.8408 or by email at mikehodges@hodgeslawfirm.com.